Get More Hearts With Famous.AF

Hey gents and gentlest, is the latest thing that is sweeping the twitter nation, where people are battling it out to become more famous than everyone else. The problem, it seems like we are guessing at how to do this because Famous.AF hasn’t released any kind of guide to playing this stupidly addictive game. So I did some digging and I’m going to show you what I found!

So basically everyone that has a twitter account automatically is in the system. That’s right if you haven’t signed up yet, but you have a twitter account it doesn’t matter, you are already there. It seems like there is a mix of motives for why people are wanting to play. Some people are trying to become the number one fan of their favorite celebrity or YouTuber. Some people seek fame for themselves, and want to be desired by all. While others simply want to be the #1 fan of everyone. Regardless of what category you fall in, or if you have a category of your own, we all need the same thing. More hearts. Hearts are what make the world turn in this game.

famous-heartWhen you log into your account for the very first time you will get 500,000 hearts to spend right out of the gate, and your profile is work approximately 1-2,000 hearts. Here are a few ways I found you can get more hearts fast.

Get Daily Bonuses. Every day you play without missing a day you get a bonus of hearts, and it’s multiplied by how many days you played back to back. lose your spot. I’m not kidding when someone outbids you and becomes someone else #1 fan you lose the title yes, but you also get hearts from it. The more someone paid to kick you out of the #1 spot the more you get.

Invite your twitter fans. This will get you 10k hearts when you ask your followers on twitter to join But be warned doing this will tweet a message to everyone that follows you, and if you do this too often your fans are going to get annoyed and unfollow you. Moderation here is key.

Get a new fan. When someone new becomes your #1 fan you get hearts for that. it’s a percentage based on what your account is worth. The trick here is, you want to get as many people to try to become your #1 fan as possible. Because when the same person stays your #1 fan for a long time your profile heart value goes down.

Buy and Hold. Find someone that no one is fighting over that you can get with less than 5k hearts. You get a bonus when you become their number 1 fan, and the longer you hold them the more hearts you will get. You don’t want to get into bidding wars for the #1 fan spot, unless it is someone famous you are trying to win. Like I got into a battle to become the #1 fan of a few people like Wheezy Waiter, Pink, and Barnacules a few times. But in those situations you aren’t building up your bankroll of hearts, it’s just bragging rights to say your someones #1 fan.

Tweet your victories. When you buy someone with hearts it gives you the option to tell everyone on twitter you are the new #1 fan and in return you get 25,000 hearts. a few warnings here. 1. it will tweet on your wall, and you have to keep in mind how much you are willing to tweet basically the same message with running the risk of annoying people, and 2 is that it only pays you in hearts a few times a day, so if you are sharing the news just for the rewards, then read the sentence before you click yes!

Collect your bonuses. Go to your profile and scroll down to the list of all the people you are currently a fan of, and tap the hearts at the bottom of their box and BAM, you got hearts! These regrow as time goes on, so you are going to want to do this as often as you can. The more the account is worth the faster the hearts will build up. in this example it would take 5 accounts worth 5,000 hearts each to make the same amount of hearts one account could make that’s worth 500,000 hearts. so if you are just in it for having a big stack of hearts then you want to own as many low level accounts as possible. Because you can literally get 20 times more hearts with small accounts that total 500,000 hearts, than with just one account worth 500,000 hearts.

Finally, just like everything else out there, this game has the option to Pay to Play, that’s right you can buy your hearts with diamonds. and you can buy diamonds with CASH… real.. life… cash… crazy.

Bonus time! Now let’s talk about how the account rankings work. When you buy someone, their account value increases by up to 20%. The more the account was originally worth the less it will increase. So an account worth one thousand hearts will increase approximately 20% but an account worth 500,000 will only go up about 12%. Once it reaches that new big number it immediately starts dropping in value again until someone else buys the #1 spot. That’s how the game determines who is more famous.

The more the account is worth the faster it drops, the cheaper the account is, the slower it drops. So if you your account is worth 5,000 it will drop like 1 heart every 30 seconds, while an account worth a million will drop 30 or 40 hearts in the same amount of time.

If you want to join and need an invite code, here you go. if you want me to be your #1 fan, leave your twitter name in the comments below and if I have enough hearts I will buy you. Enjoy this game, and if someone out bids you, please don’t get mad, remember it’s just a game, and their twitter name is right there. instead of getting upset, follow them, and see if they want to be friends. I already made a few friends on here that way and that makes the game much funner. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already. Until next time, share a smile they’re contagious.



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