Jar Jar Was the Villain?

Hey gents and gentlets, I’m going to show you that one of the most hated, stupidest, strangest characters in all of Star Wars is actually quite possibly the most cleaver, powerful Sith lord in the entire galaxy. Possibly even more powerful than Darth Vader himself.

First let’s rewind and take look at Master Yoda, arguably one of the most powerful Jedi ever. He first appears to be A very clumsy stupid little green guy, however comma it doesn’t take long for us to find out he is actually one of the most powerful Jedi of all time, hiding in plain sight.

Now fast forward to Jar, Jar, Binks! Knowing what we know about master Yoda I have to ask you this one little question. Is Jar Jar really that stupid or lucky? or simply hiding in plain sight?

He pretended to be an idiot so he could hide right under the nose of the Jedi counsel. Jedi’s are like the ninjas of the galaxy, often able to do supernatural moves to get out of a jam. Watch Jar Jar do this insane jump, and the Jedi are blinded by His super sized power of the dark side combined with a extra large appearance of fake stupidity.

Anakin was being trained by Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn, while at the same time Jar Jar was also teaching him since day one to disrespect his master and playing matchmaker with him and Padme who is also  a key component in the creation of Darth Vader. One could argue if Anakin never met her it’s possible he would have not turned to the dark side. Padme was under Jar Jar’s control the entire time. Watch here when she is arguing with Obi one. You can clearly see Jar Jar is using the power of the force to control her.

He also plants thoughts of love in Anakin’s head, saying she is beautiful before it is even revealed that she was the princess, at this point not even the Jedi know she’s the princess, as she is still using a decoy. Not even Qui-Gon Jinn himself knew yet. But Jar Jar the more powerful controller of the force understood the dark side well enough to detect the truth. In his home village, it seems like everyone is more scared of him, then annoyed. In fact, the guards wouldn’t freak out and go charging at him locked and loaded if he was just “clumsy”. Every time Jar Jar was promoted he is seen waving his hands, does that look familiar? It should, that is what the Jedi use when doing mind control.

Jar jar was also the one in control of giving full political power to Palpatine. And later we find out that was a big “mistake” since Palpatine turned out to be one of the bad guys. But jar jar didn’t make a mistake, in fact the original plan was that Palpatine was Jar Jars apprentice. That’s right, jar jar was Palpatine’s master.

In the battle scene we see that he can sense danger behind him without even looking, and he perfectly flings the droid in order to eliminate the threat. George Lucas even was caught on video, saying if we can make jar jar work then we can make this work. The grand finale in Star Wars II was going to be Yoda vs Jar Jar, But George Lucas ditched the idea, due to the backlash in the community over Jar Jar. So he had Yoda battle Count Dooku instead.

Here is the creepy part. We don’t know what happened to Jar Jar. So what do you think? Are you convinced Jar Jar was playing for the dark side? Have we seen the last of him? Let me know what you think. Also if you like seeing videos like this, then click that subscribe button. and Remember, Share a smile! you must.



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