Easter Eggs in Disney – Pixar’s Coco

Released in late 2017, Coco is one of the newest additions to the Disney Pixar family. Miguel, a curious and rebellious young boy, takes an accidental trip to The Land of the Dead to discover his family’s legacy. The journey lead him to an unexpected reality that centered around love, anger, death, music, and most importantly, family. The hilarious characters in this film (shout out to Hector!) paired with life lessons taught, make Coco a must-see for any Disney fan.

Another thing I love about this film is that there are plenty of hidden Easter Eggs throughout. Easter Eggs are objects or characters hidden throughout movies, that reference other Disney movies. Take a look through these gems found throughout Coco – I’m sure that some will surprise you!

1. A113 – Many Disney and Pixar animators studied at California’s Institute of the Arts. A113 was a classroom from Cal Arts that was also included in Coco. The Customs Office in the Land of the Dead is also labeled Room #A113. Coincidence? I think not!A113 hidden in Coco

2. Apple Computer – Steve Jobs was one of the founding fathers of Pixar. An old Apple computer was included in the Land of the Dead, to coincide with the rest of the outdated, or dead, technology.Old Macintosh hidden in Coco

3. John Ratzenberger’s voice – Ratzenberger’s voice is used in all Pixar films because it is believed to bring good luck. Ratzenberger was the voice of the Land of the Dead character Juan Ortodoncia.John Ratzenberger Hidden in Pixar's Coco

4. Finding Nemo Dentist – The dentist office shown in monitor in the scene with Juan Ortodoncia has the same cabinets from the Finding Nemo Dentist office.nemo dentist office hidden in coco

5. Nemo – You can find our favorite little clown fish located next to the skeleton near the top of the Afrienda. Is that Nemo hiding in the flowers?coco hidden nemo

6. Marlin, Dory, Destiny – I’m sure you remember these three from Finding Dory. Pixar hid these characters and you can find they are located on the “Alebrijes” table when Miguel is running through town.nemo-marlin-dory hidden in coco easter egg

7. Lion King – Dante the dog sometimes appears to be a dumb dog, however later we learn that he is actually Miguel’s spirit dog. At one point in the movie he made a reference to the hyena, Ed, from Lion King.lion king reference in coco

8. Sid’s Skeleton shirt – The skeleton in the band wore the same black shirt.Sid hidden easter egg in Coco

9. Skrillex was a cameo as the DJ in Wreck it Ralph’s 30th anniversary party. It looks like the musician in the contest with skeleton shirt closely resembles Skrillex as well.Skrillex in the land of the dead

10. Brave broom – The curvy broom, with the same bend, held together by twine, in the same exact spot is the same in both movies.broom from coco and brave

11. Incredibles 2 – When they are shooting off fireworks in the Land of the Dead, look to the right and you can see the Incredibles graffiti!incredibles 2 hidden in coco

12. Pixar Ball – Shown on the table when Dante is chasing the monkey around.Pixar Ball found hidden in Coco

13. Mexico – Miguel’s family member is wearing the same colors as the Mexico team’s soccer jerseys.Soccer Jersy hidden in Coco

14. Toy Story – There are lots of hand-made piñatas of Toy Story characters hanging throughout the town.toy story pinata hidden in coco

15. Walt Disney – At the end of the film, they created their of “Afrienda” of people who supported them. Walt’s photo is located in the middle right under the explanation of the photos.walt disney hidden in coco

16. Pizza Planet Truck – Passes by when Miguel is looking out the window.pizza planet truck hidden in coco

17. Ratatouille and Wall-e scooter – The scooter is green (instead of red in Ratatouille) because metal changes color as it ages.https://crazynate.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/scooter-from-ratatouille.jpg

There’s so many easter eggs hidden in this movie. If you want to see where all of them are, then you are going to love this video. Check it out and you will see all the easter eggs hidden in Pixar’s Coco. Then you can be the cool one at school knowing where all the secrets were. If you haven’t subscribed to Crazy Nate on YouTube yet, then join the easter egg hunting team today.



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