Meet the Robinsons Family Tree

We’ve all seen Disney’s movie Meet the Robinsons, and we all loved it. Hopefully one day we will get to see Meet the Robinsons 2. What happens to Goob (Michael Yagoobian)? Does he end up working for Cornelius Lewis Robinson? I will refer to him as Lewis though from here on out. When they were roommates in the 6th Street Orphanage it seems like Goob was a good sidekick to help Lewis with his inventions. Or does Goob go on to be a professional baseball player? Perhaps there was a talent scout in the audience and they saw him catch the game saving ball.

But we aren’t talking about Goob today, no today we are going to go over the Robinsons family tree today. Let’s start with Lewis, he is the center of this family tree. Lewis was abandoned by his birth mother, and we don’t know who his father is. However Lewis was adopted by Bud and Lucille who then changed his name to Cornelius. Lewis ended up marrying his high school sweetheart, NAY! His grade school sweetheart Franny. She was the frog girl in the science fair. That’s why Wilbur was so quick to help her catch all of her frogs even though he was on such an important mission. Because she would be his mother in the future so he didn’t want to get into trouble. So that makes Wilbur the son of Lewis and Franny. Franny has a brother known as Uncle Art, and Gaston. No not Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, though they have the same name.

Bud has a brother Joe who is married to Billie. Joe and Billie don’t have any kids… yet, unless of course Spike and Dimitri are their children, because we don’t actually know who Spike and Dimitri are related to. I know Spike and Dimitri look like the same age as Joe and Billie so how could they be their children? They do own two time travel machines, maybe we will find out in the future that they are Joe and Billie’s kids from the future. Maybe that’s why They hide in the planter the whole time. Unfortunately it’s probably not as exciting as that. Bud introduces them as “uncle” Spike and “uncle” Dimitri. At this point though Bud doesn’t know Lewis is Cornelius, so that probably means they are Bud’s Uncles. Though we don’t know Bud’s parents. However the fact that Bud is clearly much older than Dimitri and Spike that probably still draws the conclusion that they are some how from a time travel issue, and that’s why they MUST be hiding in the planters.

Fritz is also a sibling to Joe and Bud. He’s married to Petunia, and together they have two wonderful children, Tallulah and Laszo. You may think Fritz is crazy marrying a puppet. Try to see the whole picture though. Puppets can’t have kids, so he can’t be that crazy, unless of course he adopted them. Consider this, maybe Petunia was a normal human and turned into a puppet from one of Lewis’ failed science experiments.

Lefty isn’t related to anyone in the Robinsons family, he’s the butler. Then don’t forget the Robinsons are dog lovers and Buster is their pet dog. If you haven’t seen the movie Meet the Robinsons yet you can get it at Amazon, or if you aren’t already a member of the Disney Movie Club you can get Meet the Robinsons plus four additional Disney movies for only $1 by going to .
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