Incredibles 2 Hidden Easter Eggs

Did you spot the Easter eggs in Incredibles 2? Pixar has been creating some of the most sensational animated films for decades now. The Incredibles is one of them and now we have Incredibles 2.

Inspiring sensational devotion for their creativity, there are groups of avid Pixar fans who follow the films to find connections. That’s because each movie is stuffed to the brim with Easter eggs and other fun references that tie everything together.

After 14 long years of waiting, Pixar has finally given us Incredibles 2, complete with plenty of Easter eggs. So, if you’ve already seen the film, or you’re planning to soon, here’s what you want to look out for.

Pixar John RatzenburgerThe Return of Ratzenberger

Older viewers will remember Cliff from Cheers. In Incredibles 2, John Ratzenberger is the voice of the villain, Underminer. Did you know it’s the 20th film he’s vocally contributed to? It makes him the studio’s de facto secondary mascot!

Jack-Jack’s Gone All Classical

When Bob heads over to Edna mode to fetch Jack-Jack, she tells him that Jack-Jack’s really into Mozart. It’s no throw-away line, though. It’s actually a nod to both The Incredibles and the 2005 short film, Jack-Jack Attack. It’s a reference to the time Jack-Jack spent with his babysitter, Kari. In the film, Kari says she’ll play Mozart to the baby boy while he sleeps as a way of boosting his creativity and intelligence, providing the perfect classical score as the baby’s powers emerge.

There are those fans that believe Kari’s theory about Mozart’s’ music triggering Jack-Jack’s powers was spot on.

Incredibles Documentary Footage Appears on a TV

In the very first scene of The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible along with Frozone and Elastigirl are being interviewed for a supers documentary. In Incredibles 2, when the Incredibles are at the police station for questioning, the news on TV reports on the battle show up still images from the documentary.incredilbes 1 easter egg in incredibles 2


Is it even an animation without reference to the A113? I don’t think so.

As you well know by now, the A113 is a reference to the classroom where Pixar’s creative minds studied. It’s a sure-thing in Pixar movies and in this one, it appears a couple of times throughout, including on a DEVTECH office, the front of a train and even on the cinema marquee right at the end of the movie when Tony and Violet are on a date to see DementiA 113. Did you spot it? It’s not the only A113 in the movie. There are so many I lost count, but I will show you every single one I found in my video.

There’s also a real movie that came out in 1963 called Dementia 13, so they just added a 1 in there to make it say A1113.A113 in Incredibles 2

The Statue and the Cape

In this second installment, the whole thing with Winston Deavor is that he, and his father, are nuts about superheroes. To really highlight this, Deavor talks about how his dad paid for a statue of Dynaguy.

Random, right? Nope! It’s a throwaway reference to the first film.

Do you remember Edna Mode’s one rule for superhero costume design? It was a firm no on the capes. That’s because Dynaguy wore a cape, yet he perished when it got caught as he tried to take off. So, the statue in the sequel may honor his life, but it also reminds the new generation of Incredibles not to go out the way he did.

Dynaguy wore a cape in incredibles and died

The Painting in the Hotel Room

Check out the scene where Bob and Helen have a phone conversation just after she’s stopped the hover train. Just over the bed in the hotel room is a painting in red and white with a bunch of geometric shapes – one on the right and four on the left. The shapes are a representation of the Incredibles. The lone one actually represents Helen separated from the group – just as she’s away on a mission.hotel room painting easter egg

Real TV Shows

There are two different scenes where the Incredibles watch actual TV shows. Early on in the film, Mr. Incredible watches the 1960’s sci-fi classic, The Outer Limits. Later on, we see Johnny Quest.johnny quest was in the movie incredibles 2 as an easter egg

Luxo Ball

Finally, there’s no missing Pixar’s iconic Luxo Ball – or did you? Go back and watch if you didn’t spot it. You’ll see it not only as a ball, but also as a picture of one on Jack-Jack’s crib, and there’s even a 1960s version of the lamp in one of the Parr’s new rooms. There’s a bonus easter egg in Jack Jacks room, if you want to see what it is, or the other easter eggs in the movie, or what about the Pizza Planet Truck, then check out my video about Everything You Missed in the Incredibles 2. on for more Pixar Easter egg surprises.

So, how many Easter eggs did you spot in Incredibles 2? Find out this Friday if you found them all.luxo ball hidden in the babies room for incredibles 2



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