the Emoji Movie Full Review (Crazy Nate)

You might of not watched the Emoji movie because there were so many bad reviews everywhere. At least, that’s how I felt. I was not looking forward to seeing the Emoji Movie, however I’m not that I’ve seen the movie I’m glad I saw it. Now before I go any further I have to warn you of spoilers, and if you haven’t seen the movie yet I know you will want to see it. So go watch it first before continuing here.

There were a lot of characters to introduce because this is a whole new world. With all the sequels and super hero movies coming out now, I found the Emoji Movie a refreshing change from the norm.

Don’t be fooled that just because the main character is “Meh” that somehow that means the movie is going to be meh. My personal favorite character would probably be jailbreak. I like how innovative she was to get out of situations. She reminded me of Princess Leia in Star Wars when Luke tried to bust her out of prison, and she thought of the trash shoot to escape.

The one thing I didn’t like about the movie, is when Gene Meh pored out his feelings for Jailbreak she pulled the princess card making it a gender thing. I didn’t think that Gene was saying he wanted to rescue her or anything, he just wanted to be with her and live a happy ever after.

She already made it to the cloud and was going to live the life she wanted, what could he possibly be “saving her from”. It felt like they were just trying to force propaganda into the story about “women don’t need to be rescued”. Tell me Princess Leia never was the one rescuing “the men”.

I don’t care if a man rescues a woman, or a woman rescues a man, what I care is that the story is good. That’s why I didn’t like this part. But at least Jailbreak figured out she had a brief crazy moment, and went after to rescue Meh from being deleted. When giving the Emoji Movie, I give it the score with the mindset that the movie is primarily a kids movie.

I would have to give the Emoji Movie four out of five stars. This one will stay in my movie library, and I would happily watch the movie again. There are also several subtle jokes throughout the movie that you probably wont notice the first time through.

four stars out of fiveYou can now get the Emoji Movie on amazon. Sadly it’s not a Disney movie though. I say sadly because I am crazy about Disney Movie Rewards, and I confess I have bought movies I didn’t even want in my library before just so I can get the Movie Rewards. I’m saving up for the grand prize.

If you watched the Emoji Movie, let me know what you thought of the movie, I’d love to hear. If you need to get the movie still you can get it here at



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