Is it safe to attend Vidcon now?

With the recent tragedy of artist Christina Grimmie, a lot of people on YouTube are thinking the same thing… Is it safe to go to YouTube conventions like Playlist Live, VidCon, or Vlogger Fair. The answer to that is not as simple as we all wish it was.

It’s tragic that events like this take place in society. Unfortunately there is no solution to guarantee tragedies like this will never happen again. We can only do what we can to prevent it from repeating itself.

Thankfully VidCon Staff is taking drastic measures to prevent this from happening. Even before the violent attack in Florida VidCon already had security measures in place, more advanced than the last years. After the tragedy, they have decided it is necessary to bring security to a level it has never seen.

Starting with the Panels they have changed it from before after the panel was over, people would hang out and socialize with the speakers. Now after the panel ends, no one will be permitted to stay after, in addition there will be at least three security in every panel. Local law enforcement is working closely with VidCon providing uniformed and undercover officers. This means even if you find yourself in a spot where you don’t see police or security, more than likely you could be standing right next to one. In total there will be over 450 security and police.

Random bag checks will be done at any given time, and though this may seem scary, when you are in a gun free zone it’s precautions like this that need to be taken to ensure everyone is compliant. Also the outdoor activities will no longer be accessible by just walking up to them. They will now be gated, and you will only be able to access them through assigned entrances. With these and other security measures that will be taken including what I didn’t mention here it is unlikely that anything will happen.

In a world where people die from eating ice cream we know nothing in life is guaranteed, we can never say anything is 100% safe, but I take my hat off to the VidCon staff for doing everything in their power going above and beyond to get as close to 100% as they can. I personally feel safe enough to go, and invite my family and friends. That being said we must all be vigilant, and if you see anything suspicious while you are there, please notify a staff member, security, or police. You can also call the VidCon 24 hotline (657-203-9695). Save that number in your phone so you have it if you need it. If you see an emergency call 911.

In closing, I want to take a moment to celebrate the life of Christina Grimmie. She was a kind soul, with a beautiful voice, and a heart for animals. She had a mission to be a part of HSUS (Humane Society of the United States), something bigger than herself. Her last YouTube video that she posted is below. Now that her life was stolen she is unable to see that dream become a reality. Help her dream live on. Help the animals. Together we can follow her lead, and defend those who can’t defend themselves.

Christina Grimmie: TEAM GRIMMIE!!! V2V Charity Champions kicks off today! Join my team and support!!

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