Jurassic Park Oops & Gotchas

There is a lot of awesomeness in Jurassic Park, the foundation of a epic series. So I dive into the movie headfirst and show you a lot of the bloopers, hidden Easter Eggs, and hidden clues. I could show you all of them, but then this video would be longer than the movie. There are so many cool little hidden gotchas in this movie. If you liked this video and it made you smile, please hit that like button. If it didn’t make you smile, please DON’T hit that like button, it is like my grade on how I’m doing putting smiles into the world.

Share a smile today, they are contagious. Also random thought, when I was a kid watching this movie I had a thing for Ariana Richards, the actor who played the character Lex in Jurassic Park. Today she is still prettier than ever. But I think she is married with a kid, but congrats to her though, she did a GREEEEAAAT job in this movie. And her screams from the T-Rex were so real! Imagine how fun it  must of been for her to play in this movie. Talk about a story of a lifetime. I bet it made her the coolest kid in school as well.



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