Unlock All The Snapchat Trophies

You decided to join the masses and enjoy one of the hottest social platform out there. One thing to know about Snapchat is that there is a ranking system where you earn trophies for completing tasks. Unlike traditional apps, Snapchat decided to keep the missions a secret. You have to discover them yourself.

This is where I come in. I’m going to help show you what the objectives are so you can start winning yourself some trophies and level up your Snapchat skill level. We are going to start off with 10 easy trophies you can get in 10 minutes. Follow these steps in order and you can kill more than two birds with one stone.

The trophies you will unlock today are:

  1. Open Snapchat, then from the main screen slide down from the top of the screen. It should show a menu where it says *Added Me, *Add Friends, and *My Friends. In the top right-hand corner click on the gear icon. From there follow the steps to verify your email (EMAIL), and phone number (PHONE).
  2. Take a picture of anything with the front facing flash on.  then with two fingers zoom in as far as you can go. Now send it to a friend. Repeat this nine more times for a total of ten times ;-). Now you just unlocked three more trophies. (FLASHLIGHT) (MAGNIFYING GLASS) (MICROSCOPE).
  3. Find the friend that you just sent these pictures to and ask them to send ten pictures your way so they can level up. When they do sneak a screenshot. Know this, Snapchat will snitch on you and tell them that you took a screenshot. So don’t think you are being sneaky. This will give you two more trophies. (HAPPY DEVIL) (SAD DEVIL)
  4. Press and hold the picture button to record a video. After filming slide to the right or left and you will see filters apply to your video. Pick one, then hit send. TADA! New trophies. (VIDEO TAPE) (FINGER)
  5. Take one more photo for good measure, before you send it grab that pen in the top right corner then scrible something on the screen. Do this five times total on the same picture, but make sure you use a different color every time. Then send it to your friend. Hopefully they are working on trophies too or they really like you so they aren’t getting annoyed. Because you need to send five pictures with five different colored pen marks on each picture. That makes the tenth trophy you just unlocked. (LOLLIPOP)

This entire thing should take less than 10 minutes. Now your Snapchat score should be at least a ten. You know what that means? You just got a bonus Trophy! With out having to do anything else. You are now a Snapchat baby! (BABY)

If you found this helpful, then maybe you can add me to your Snapchat friends. from your phone go to www.snapchat.com/add/imcrazynate and we will auto-magically be friends. If you want to get even more Snapchat friends leave your name in the comment below and more people that read this can add you. If someone beat you to it and added their name, then add them too.

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